Adirondack Hunting Guided Tours

We offer Adirondack hunting guided tours and deer hunting in Upstate NY along with guided fishing and cross country skiing trips that are always a great adventure! Adirondack rabbit hunting and guided hare hunts are a highly popular small-game sport as well.

Whitetail deer hunting in Upstate New York starts in September and normally runs until the first part of December. It tends to be the best around the rut in late November. Predator calling for coyote is a great challenge as well and is also offered in the winter months.

In addition to guiding for deer hunting in Upstate NY, we offer Adirondack rabbit hunting and guided snowshoe hare hunts with hounds. A fun and exciting sport- the baying of hounds can put the steadiest of hunters on edge!

For Adirondack hunting trips that include some back country adventure, our NY hunting guide services include an outfitter camp. The scenic hike up to the camp is about 2 miles long and once you arrive at the camp location you will find wall tents in which you will be sleeping in. These tents are heated with woodstoves and all meals are provided for you.

We also offer many day trips for game hunting in the Adirondack Park. There are plenty of motels and B&B’s right here in the local area that offer amenities such as a shower and any other cozy comforts of home.

If you are lucky enough to score on your hunting or fishing trip, you could use our experienced Adirondack taxidermist!

For more information on our Adirondack hunting guided tours, or to make a reservation, call us at (518) 251-3762, or contact us online!

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